The Revolution Within: State Institutions and Unarmed Resistance in Palestine (Cambridge University Press, 2019)

Book Description

Anti-regime movements require mass participation to succeed. Yet, even in successful campaigns, most individuals do not participate. Why do some individuals participate in risky anti-regime resistance while others abstain? Under which conditions will anti-regime movements achieve broad participation? The Revolution Within answers these questions through an in-depth study of participation in unarmed resistance against Israeli rule in the Palestinian Territories over more than a decade. Despite having strong anti-regime sentiment, Palestinians initially lacked the internal organizational strength often seen as necessary for protest. This book provides a foundation for understanding participation and mobilization under these difficult conditions. It argues that, under these conditions, integration into state institutions – schools, prisons and courts – paradoxically makes individuals more likely to resist the state. Diverse evidence drawn from field research – including the first large-scale survey of participants and non-participants in Palestinian resistance, Arabic-language interviews, and archival sources – supports the argument. The book’s findings explain how anti-regime resistance can occur even without the strong civil society organizations typically seen as necessary for protest and, thus, suggest new avenues for supporting civil resistance movements.

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The book is available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book from Amazon and Cambridge University Press. You can also find the introduction here.